Cape Town's favorite supplier of window tinting, frosting and custom wallpapers.

We install premium custom wallpapers, architectural tinting and window frosting.

Our Services

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window frosting cape town

Window Frosting

Our premium window frosting solutions offer both privacy and elegance, transforming your space with a sleek, modern look. Customizable to fit any window size or design, our frosting services provide a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

window tinting cape town

Window Tinting

Our professional window tinting services enhance comfort and energy efficiency by reducing glare and blocking harmful UV rays. Tailored to your specific needs, our high-quality tints offer superior protection and style for both residential and commercial properties.

custom wallpaper cape town

Custom Wallpaper

Our custom wallpaper services bring your vision to life, offering unique and personalized designs that transform any room. With endless possibilities and expert installation, we create stunning and durable wall coverings tailored to your style and space.

window graphics cape town

Window Graphics

Our custom window graphics add a distinctive touch to your space, offering vibrant and eye-catching designs that enhance both visibility and branding. Expertly crafted and installed, these graphics provide a professional and personalized look for any window.

custom wallpaper cape town

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Client Testimonials

“I could not be happier with the frosted vinyl we had installed on our sliding door. We now have privacy from neighbours when we want it without sacrificing the natural light we have available to us.”
Alice Clarke
“The wallpaper in our boardroom brings the space to life. What a difference.”
Patric Moghale
“Chris and his team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. From concept to execution, I was impressed every step of the way. Would highly recommend.”
Mina Tartt